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    Patch Notes for 3/11

    We've made some significant improvements to the way Battle Royale matches are handled, fixing some of the issues you have been experiencing with queues, disconnects, end match placement and other anomalies. Battle Royale Updates include:

    • On-demand zones are now launched when enough players request a Battle Royale match. This means that the queues are now working, and players should not leave the queue once they have been placed in it.
    • Players that wait too long on the reward screen are automatically logged out (gracefully).
    • The winner is also automatically logged out after their celebration period.
    • Player population tracking has been improved, reducing the players who thought they were in the match, but were instead Battle Royale: registered in an invalid state. This had caused people to wait out the match and receive no rewards.
    • Should no longer drop crafting ingredients as part of the loot that spawns.
    • Map visual Adjustments.

    Additionally, we’re doing a ton of fixes and updates to the main game, including new recipes and increased base building functionality.

    • All damaged base building pieces will now show health bars.
    • Damaged vehicles will show a health bar if you are near it and have a wrench to repair it.
    • The dew collector will now look like its basin is full of water when it is ready to be collected. The old splashing effect has been removed.
    • Crafting saline will no longer produce an empty bottle.
    • Crafting a first aid kit will return an empty bottle from the used up saline.
    • The recipe for the yeast starter has been modified to directly create yeast.
    • The recipe for yeast will now return an empty bottle from the used up purified water.
    • Barbed wire and punji sticks now have resistance to being shot with arrows.
    • Furnaces and barbecues now have less health.
    • Troll furnaces and barbecues can be removed the easiest with a crowbar.
    • The crowbar’s description now reflects that.
    • Storage containers can now be destroyed. The new demolition hammer is the best way if you are the one that placed it. Otherwise explosives or crowbars will work.
    • Please note that at this time if a container is destroyed with items in it, the items will be destroyed as well.
    • Added a new recipe for a Demolition Hammer. It can be discovered with a metal pipe.
    • It is used to remove misplaced or unwanted base building structures that you have placed.
    • The demolition hammer can be used to do massive damage to base structures that you have placed. It will not work on other’s bases.
    • The demolition hammer will destroy base pieces in 2-8 hits depending on the size of the object.
    • Please note the condition bar is not appearing over certain base items like the stairs or the large structures so you will not be able to see that damage to the condition is being applied.
    • Ethanol and Normal Torches can now be placed. When placed they will automatically be lit.
    • Zombies will now target the vehicle first instead of the player inside.
    • OffRoader has some minor geometry upgrades.
    • A crosshair reticle has replaced the dot.
    • The player will no longer see “you have been disconnected†message and the chat will be wiped on logging into another server.
    • When sitting, pressing a movement key will automatically make you stand.
    • Lowered velocity of .308 round.
    • Increased gravity and drag of the .308 round.
    • Increased ‘held breath’ time when steadying scope.
    • Decreased scope sway penalty when out of breath.
    • Increased .308 rifle scope zoom to 5x.
    • Increased gravity and drag of the .223 round.
    • Slightly reduced initial horizontal recoil while hip firing the AR15.
    • Majorly reduced initial horizontal recoil while firing the AR15 in iron sights.
    • Increased gravity and drag of the .45 round.
    • Added static crosshair to 3rd person and 1st Note: It never disappears, this is expected and will change in the future.
    • Removed flinch/screen punch in 1st and 3rd person upon getting hit.
    • Reduced ‘snare’ from getting hit by projectiles from 35% to 20%.

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    Wow that is awesome. Just happy they are finally addressing some issues that people were really wanting changed.


    Wow can't wait to get online tonight. So many improvements to try out.
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    Indeed, hoping that the other issue has been looked at too...


    I can see that you the developers have been listening.

    I read your statement, and yes some insight goes a long way...

    Being a bit more transparent helps reassure players...

    This is especially important to those who have contributed towards the game, (that is right we did contribute!)

    Rather than the "below par quality" reporting we have been seeing last week...

    I want to play the game..nuff said...
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    Thanks for the update
  6. Zodd74

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    Best ones for me destructable troll furnaces,unwanted buildings and placeable torch.
    Nice work guys!
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    Deck Foundations / Placements & the Demolition Hammer

    The latest updates are awesome, thank you! Just a couple of comments / suggestions:

    DESTRUCTIBLE DECK FOUNDATIONS: I think we would all agree that it would be great if we could destroy our misplaced or no longer needed deck foundations with the demolition hammer! Our group has actually switched servers simply because we accidentally placed them in the wrong place or at the wrong angle or changed our mind about how to design our base! I think this would change the game for the better for sure!

    PLACEMENT: Also... very tired of the A******* placing bases, buildings, etc. on roads, bridges, and blocking public buildings off, surrounding vehicle spawns, etc. This has to be on of our most frustrating parts of the game outside of people flipping vehicles and stealing them anyway!

    BASE PROTECTION: Also, down the road, I think you should consider a grouping / clan option which is important to allow only guys in your "group" to build within so much distance from a placed deck foundation in order to prevent "outsiders" from placing buildings and other items around your base just to mess with you! I think if you or a member of your group places a deck foundation, you should "own" some of the property around it!

    CRASHING: We've been crashing a lot lately... seems to be after the patch before this one or maybe the one before, but falling out of vehicles and dying or ending up in the ground under a vehicle and so on! I stopped driving vehicles around as I'd just die at random and lose everything! Hoping you can figure that out soon!

    MONITORING / REPORTING: Please don't let the A-holes / hackers destroy this game! Live server monitoring / admin and a live reporting system are a must or this game will be destroying just like Battlefield 4 and other games we use to love playing!

    Finally... THANK YOU! Some of the guys in our group have almost 300 hours into playing this game already and we love it! Keep up the great work!

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