Trimming the Fat, Expanding Crop-selection, and more...

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    I would imagine that this has already been brought up before, but if not, here's a few things I think are worth looking in to -

    Fat and Meat Content re-work

    2 fats from a Wolf seems fine, but a Deer is quite a bit larger and Bears are far larger than both.

    That being said - I figure the breakdown should look a little more like this :
    • Wolf - 1 fat, 2 meat total possible
    • Deer - 3 fat, 5 meat total possible (1 bladder obviously)
    • Bear - 6 fat, 12 meat total possible
    There can be what I like to call "Spring" animals ... no fats like it currently has as a possible loot-roll, but the fat and meat quantity ratio per animal size is too one-dimensional. Rabbits by and large are fine as-is.

    Expanding Crop Variety

    Pretty obvious here, but corn and wheat being the only "farm-able" fruit or vegetable is getting a bit stale. Here's a few usable suggested crops and what they would be useful for :
    • Blackberries - they don't have to only be wild - they have wild and cultured fruit/veg in the Fallout franchise, it should be feasible here
    • Rice - great for those who build and farm near lakes or rivers - usable for multiple foods, drinks, and even as a fuel source when distilled
    • Peach, Apple, and Orange Trees - We have them in cans, why not be able to farm our own, or have the option to cut them down for logs in a pinch?
    • Herbs - essentially a "do-it-yourself" herbal medicine for low-grade to mid-grade healing qualities. Add these as part of the ingredients required to make first-aid kits, stews, etc.
    • Pot - Yep... it had to be in there, this way you can farm and make your own twine, cloth, and well yeah... "comfort" obviously. This also could lead into making a "Sail" that leads to my next point...

    Generating Power

    Damn it, you can see power being generated at the dam - why can't we make our own too? Using sheets of hemp cloth, we should be able to fabricate a rudimentary wind generator (Windmill). With this structure, you can now grind the wheat into flour and the ability to make power. Imagine the possibilities here :
    • Craft Tower Spotlights/Perimeter Lights for the base towers to light up the area surrounding your base - these should be craftable like the rigged light, but allow the use of Truck, Off-Roader, or Police Headlights. The Jeep has no rollbar or overhead lights, meaning they're just headlights - so it shouldn't be restricted to just the Off-roader. You'll also need scrap metal, sheet metal and screws.
    • Craft Base Interior Lighting - mountable to ceilings and against walls for the insides of your bases or insides of your shelters. These could be crafted with ATV lights, scrap metal, sheet metal, and screws.
    • Both of the above would also require the craftability of screws and wiring which could be crafted from copper, or brass shards I suppose (taking apart bullets for that component). Wiring would connect the Windmill/Generator to the deck foundation (let's keep the power connection simple - don't have to wire the entire base piece by piece). Wiring could be stripped from abandoned cars, trucks, vans, ambulances, etc. Now you're asking, where would you get copper if they required it?

    Did you know there was a mine on the map? Sure it's collapsed, but who says it has to always be that way? It's on the south face of the mountains west of Opfer campsite. There doesn't have to be just the one - they could litter the map with a few mines here and there with all the topography we have to work with. Originally I was a proponent of the idea of being able to make a mine or cave a base, but dropping a few torches in a mine and working the area for copper ore can be a good starter use. On top of Copper, maybe you could also mine lead alloy and zinc as well. Why zinc? Copper + Zinc + smelter = brass. Brass = ability to make bullets a little easier. Pretty simple suggestion to use something already on the map and expand its usefulness as well as expanding the crafting aspect of the game.

    Don't cry, call for the Waaaaambulance

    Jeep, Truck, Police car, ATV. It's the same thing every time. Kurama has several wrecked Ambulances as static displays... why? Let's have them as another vehicle option... more lights, more sirens and never a bad thing. Want the Van too? Maybe give that and the Ambulance a higher container limit to store loots.

    These are just a few things I've been mulling over since coming back a couple weeks back... discuss!
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    10/10 would read again. lots of value added. Using and having more ways to use these resources would be awesome. Totally want a waaaaaambulance!
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    I'd love to see more stuff added here. The one thing I dislike about H1 is the lack of variety in things. I know it's tough with all the bugs that pop up. But it would make the game if there were more vehicles, weapons, and items. I love the idea of mining for materials, who says in the apocalypse that we cant be self sustaining in a literal sense where we mine, refine, etc.

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