Square Enix Announces New Survival Game Left Alive

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    What is Square Enix's new game? Who is making it?

    At the Tokyo Game Show today, Square Enix revealed an all-new survival shooter game called Left Alive. Not much is known about it, but what is known intrigues. First off, the game is being headed up by industry legends, such as Metal Gear character designer Yoji Shinkawa. Mech designer Takayuki Yanase, who worked on Metal Gear and Xenoblade Chronicles X. As if that wasn't enough, the director of the game is former Armored Core director Toshifumi Nabeshima.

    This seems to point to mechs being involved in a major way, and given the concept art above, the pilots of said mechs will be crucial to the game. The only other bit of news we know is that it'll arrive in 2018.

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