Selling FFTC Hoodie account with other ultra rare skins listed. Have Proof!

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    May 10, 2017
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    H1Z1 KOTK LVL 60 account SEASON 3(DIAMOND) : SEASON 4(PLAT 1)
    H1Z1 Fight for the Crown Hoodie!!!
    Frostbite AR-15!!!

    Rainbow Unicorn Mask!!!.(more blue helmets)
    Rasta Backpack, Pwny Express Military backpack, heavy assault backpack
    Anarchy Leather Pants..(more blue and rare pants)
    Rasta Face Bandana
    Camo Goggles, redstar eyepatch
    EZW Armored champ belt, Scavenger body armor
    Bandit Makeshift Armor

    Other games on account, message me for screenshot :)

    I am able to provide any sort of proof needed. I won the code on a twitch giveaway. Selling my H1Z1/Steam account

    Twitter: @Aviolette21
    Discord: Wankys21#9446
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