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    Hello H1Z1 community, Gamers Live is a gaming community for all ages, all regions and anyone in particular, we are currently recruiting new members to play Just Survive, we have a collection of members all with 500+Hours played each, were a great community, were serious but very laid back and we can guarantee you will enjoy the experience being part of the community, were mainly from the UK but we have members all over.

    We are mainly looking for european players and generally you need to be 17+ because we are looking for mature members, this isnt a necessity if youre a mature member but it would be in our best interest to decline anyone under this age due to many reasons. If you would like to join our group (We currently have around 10 active members and we currently play on a medium pop server with some chance to gain high pop, so the action is there and there are plenty of other clans/groups) if you wish to find more information please PM me here or add me on steam -

    Thank you for reading.

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