Pwnery's "Friday 5" - 7/14

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    Today's Friday 5 is gonna be short and sweet - mainly because I'm doing this from work today :3

    • Barbed wire degrades faster than cars do... or at least it really feels like it - why? It's a fixed fortification made out of materials that don't exactly fall apart with any haste. This should probably be looked in to. The same could be argued with punji sticks/rows.
    • Setup a "radius" from your base of maybe the distance of the average foundation ramp that will "maintain" so you don't have to strike each fortification individually. Make it simple like how you can repair anything on the foundation by striking just the foundation. Striking the foundation within the radius of your base should repair the fortifications as well.
    • If you want to bring back the maintenance box - actually make it work - nothing was more frustrating than filling the box with the necessary items only to watch your base degrade away.
    • Wrench crafting should return - a better solution to "vehicle hoarding" is easy - only allow the Item-ID of 2 vehicles be temporarily assigned to a user-account when they get in driver's seat of a vehicle. If they have two vehicles, they can't physically enter a 3rd one. An error would pop up saying "You already possess two vehicles on this map." It's a REALLY simple check... server checks your player ID against two ItemID's on the map... if a "yes those vehicles still exist on the map" response from the server happens, they stay linked to you. If they blow up, a "no - this does not exist any longer" response, they're released from your account so you can replace it with a new one. The "server check" has to be made per player ID and per foundation/base ID so multiple foundations can't exploit the system.
    • Make SIPHONING gas tanks a thing - make a craftable "siphon hose" (say 60 second animation timer to expose you) and a "Siphon pump" (maybe 30 seconds on this one) - and make RNG roll how much fuel you can actually take from non-player vehicles, or allow you to siphon what ever is left in drivable ones. Either one would require empty bottles in your possession.

    I was discouraged by the last wipe for no good reason, and I bet as I type this, there's a wipe already on the books now that I've rebuilt the sand castle for the millionth time only to have the high-tide of a developer's whim take it away again. :mad:
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