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    I make this post just leaving some feedback on my experiences of the Beta.

    I'l start with the general gameplay,
    I was pleasantly surprised on just how well the game played. I feel it is really smooth and great to play. Server issues can be ignored as the game is still in the feldgling stages.

    1 - Cars, I feel towards endgame if you have no car then you really have one hand behind your back. The engine noise was a good improvement but it feels like what I can assume auto royale is like towards the end.
    I feel they need to combat this with maybe adding some kind of land mine, or when a car enters the gas the engine floods dealing damage over time increasing untill the car explodes. (just entering the gas in a car once will cause the car to destroy)

    Gunplay is a learning curve and I feel changing too much always ruins the feel of a game. It is rewarding to learn and if/when thinks get buffed and nerfed players will adapt. I really enjoy most guns, feel the AR is quite a poor weapon even to the level it should maybe be found on the ground and not just in chests.

    Micro Transactions are what they are. I implore that Daybreak look at the price points for the crowns. Why do all transactions give more crowns than you need for the crates you plan to open?
    Do we need these shady tactics?
    I think you will do very well with your Ps4 version but I just hope you can look at this and rethink the model a slight bit. When you buy the lowest amount of crowns for £6 (brexit dollars) you receve enough crowns for 1 chest and some left over.
    Why the extra?
    to make people purchase more?
    Guarantee you will make a kings ransom from this game. You could over lower price of crowns and add a usable amount or lower the price of crates so you can use all the crowns you pay for per purchase.
    Also you should add crates to the skull store for 6000 skulls. Jobs a good in.

    Anyway if anyone read that tosh I hope you are proud of yourself this game allreddy has areally good feel about it. You might be able to rehire the staff you sacked a few weeks back.


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