Paladins Developer Claims Game Is Not a "Clone" of Overwatch

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    Is Paladins nothing more than a clone of Overwatch? Not so, says the Chief Operating Officer of Hi-Rez, the developer for the upcoming game.Hi-Rez COO, Todd Harris, told IGN that Overwatch "was not the inspiration for Paladins."

    Harris reiterated that characters in Paladins who might be visually similar to ones in Overwatch were already playable and available to gamers in the beta version of Paladins before those similar characters were shown for Overwatch. Harris did compliment Overwatch, but he said that Team Fortress was the biggest inspiration for Paladins. He stated:

    The aforementioned IGN story also mentioned that the closed beta for Paladins actually started as far back as November 2015. Meanwhile, Overwatch's closed beta started slightly earlier in October 2015. The debate stemmed from a viral video that addressed the alleged similarities of the games.

    Paladins is available now for Windows PC via Steam Early Access.

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