LMG shreddin them Montage/Compilation. Last one!!

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    Aug 20, 2018
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    This will be the last Montage/Compilation I post here!
    I am working on more Montages for:
    Grenades, AK47, CNQ, KH, Scout Headshots, SOCOM Headshots, Molotovs, Airstrikes, Explosions, Squad Wipe #2, Golden M40 Sniper Headshots #3, Clutches, Fullout War teambattles and much more!!!

    I will also post videos on YT if I beat any Records. I have also tied a 30 kill solo vs. fives World record you guys should check out!

    You know where to find me on YT. Major V2. I hope you guys enjoyed some of my montages. Thanks for checking them out. I hope to see you guys commenting on my future videos!!! Later

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