Hi everyone, new to this awesome game <3

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    Hi everyone, new to this awesome game

    Good Morning Everyone

    Just a short introduction:
    I'm Re-Patch, coming from Switzerland and usually I play DayZ Standalone like crazy (taking a small brake now however) some CS:GO every now and then and now since a few weeks H1Z1 King of the Kill as well.

    Watching streamers (OPScT, Summit & Ninja mainly) is what brought me to this awesome game.

    Gotta say, so far I'm absolutely loving it and (despite all the bugs :D) I'm having an absolute blast playing it!

    I have a (very small) YouTube channel, if you like KOTK or DayZ SA it would make me happy if you'd check it out:

    A few days ago I just posted my first H1Z1 video:

    Feel free to come and have a look, I would love to get some feedback from you here or in the YouTube comments.

    Also, as I mentioned, I'm still fairly new to the game and I know I have lots to learn, so please go easy on me with your judgement.

    Have a great week everyone
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