H1Z1: King Of The Hill Gets Major Patch

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    In the face of competition via PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the team at Daybreak are making sure H1Z1: King of the Hill can stand on its own two feet. So much so that they're mimicking some things that their competitor does to ensure the game can be its own thing.

    So, they released a major patch with many things changing. Not the least of which is how guns work and feel in the players hands. here's an excerpt from the patch:

    "Weapons have all been re-tuned and improved so that they behave and feel more like their real-world counterparts and have a distinct and important role in the game. Overall, bullets now move at a more believable speed and with a flatter trajectory; though bullets still begin to drop over long distances. Rifle rounds fly fastest and flattest while pistol rounds hit hard up close but lose power over distance.

    • Throwables no longer have to “reload” before they can be thrown. Hold aim (default: right mouse button) to see an Aim Arc to line up your throw, or tap left-click for a quick throw. Your character will slow down while lining up a throw.
    • The bleed mechanic has been simplified so that there are now three bleeding states (previously, there were five). The UI is now consistent with the system, showing three blood icons to indicate Minor, Moderate, and Major bleeding. It’ll take one bandage to heal each bleed marker or a First Aid Kit to heal all three.
    • Free-look functionality (Default: Left Alt) has been added to the Parachute. The look sensitivity can be adjusted with the Vehicle Camera Sensitivity slider.
    • Movement controls have been fine-tuned to be more responsive and better connected to the in-game actions of your character. Running, turning, throwing, and strafing animations have all been improved.
    • A new reticle has been added that blooms as recoil increases. Aiming down sights will bring the reticle down to a smaller size to demonstrate accuracy, while holding down fire of an automatic weapon will show how recoil increases over time. The old reticle can be used via the “Reticle Style” option in Settings.
    • Shots now leave a light trail behind them so that you can see the bullet trajectory. This can also be disabled in Settings.
    • New hitmarkers have been added to the shotgun to show how many of the pellets landed.
    • You can now move while looting."
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