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    Isn't there an H1Z1 tournament at TwitchCon? How's it going to work?

    TwitchCon will go live this weekend, and during it will be a special tradition of having the H1Z1 Invitational. This even will feature a $500,000 prize pool that'll be split between three large tournaments. They will be:
    • The All-Stars tournament ($200,000 prize pool): Three rounds featuring some of the most electrifying streamers, content creators and personalities from around the globe, including summit1g, MrGrimmmz, Dr DisRespect, Nadeshot, FemSteph,SeaNanners and many more!
    • The Legends tournament ($250,000 prize pool): Three rounds drawing from some of the world’s best H1Z1 players, including defending champs inboxes and radek, as well as relentless rivals like LyndonFPS, Flamehopper, and Stormen.
    • Challengers Invitational ($50,000 prize pool): A series of seven first-come, first-serve qualifying matches build up to a riveting finale with the top ten players from each game, along with the winners from the Road to TwitchCon contests atgamescom, PAX West and Tokyo Game Show and the #ChallengeAccepted contest.
    The tournaments will start on Friday the 20th, and will continue until the 22nd. To watch the event, simply go to twitch.tv/h1z1.

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