H1Z1 Invitational At TwitchCon Results!

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    How did the H1Z1 Invitational at TwtichCon go down? Who were the winners and the runners up?

    Over the weekend, three major tournaments set in the world of H1Z1: King of the Kill took place. These three tournaments were streamed all over the internet, and features great players, great legends, and some great up-and-comers. But, in the end, only three could be crowned winners. And we have the results right here:

    In the All-Stars tournament, Sandy Ravage (get it?) took 1st place. With Leh in 2nd and Hiko in 3rd. For the Legends tournament, RizaaR took 1st place. NobleMoNsTcR took 2nd, and apexshay took 3rd. Finally, in the Challengers tournament, ItsSpoty took 1st, FullNelson took 2nd, and NoblespiritsZ took 3rd.

    Want to see how it ended up this way? You can check out the main site and find out!

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