H1Z1 Gets New Hotfix

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    What new changes were made for H1Z1? Are any of them good?

    Recently, H1Z1 got a new Hotfix that aimed to fix several problems that were within the game. You can see the full patch notes for the hotfix here.

    • Players will no longer be locked in crouch position when respawning in Combat
    • Zone while crouching and in first-person.
    • Changing your Reticle will no longer cause the in-game menu UI to get stuck on screen.
    • Rapidly opening and closing the Inventory no longer causes the UI to lock up.
    • Item icons will no longer occasionally persist on screen after being dragged from the Inventory.
    • While in Fort Destiny, pressing the Inventory Key while in the Options Menu no longer brings up an empty tab.
    • Creating and disbanding a group no longer incorrectly causes exclamation marks to appear next to game modes.
    • Teammate UI now correctly shows red health bars.
    • Events are now ordered properly in the UI.
    • Fixed a few crashes.

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