Escape From Tarkov: New Alpha Gameplay Footage Revealed

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    Battlestate Games officially released a new gameplay video this week for the upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter, Escape From Tarkov. You can check out the new gameplay footage for the alpha version of the game at this link.

    The footage was taken from the game's in-progress closed alpha, showcasing different weather climates and times of day in the world of the game. The perspective is that of a former operative of the United Security, one of the two factions in Tarkov. In the video, the ex-operative goes across different locations and wages war against former partners from USEC and Scav marauders.

    The video also provides a look at the game's trading interfaces, weapon modding, some new locations, combat variety, and weapon applications. There are also environmental factors built into the game such as daylight time changes. Combat can occur in the game at long range, close quarters, in open areas or in cover-rich locations in the broad daylight or at night with flashlights and NVDs.

    Escape From Tarkov is scheduled for closed beta-testing later this year. Players can get access to the early closed testing stage by pre-ordering the game online at

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