Epic Diablo II Speedrun!

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    Speedrunners are awesome in my book. Pushing the limits of how fast you can do a video game is pretty epic. For one Diablo II speedrunner though, he might have done one of the toughest runs of all, going through the entire game without attacking.

    To be clear, the speedrunner in question, DrCliche, still defeated enemies, but he didn't "aggressively" do so. In fact, he did it defensively via Thorn Armor, which actually damages any opponent who strikes him. The speedrun took just under 8 hours, which shows that Diablo II is not an easy game to get through when you're not attacking anybody.

    Also of note, he almost wasn't able to do it because a certain boss late in the game almost tripped him up, but he was able to work around it:

    “But De Seis's elemental attacks <em>do</em> proc Chilling Armor, and at level 30, with Cold Mastery, 6 points in Chilling Armor, and a +2 staff, you do damage quickly and consistently enough to keep Lord de Seis from ever casting Bestow,” DrCliche explained.

    Any way you look at this, this is quite a feat, no? I mean, he spent basically eight hours fighting a war of attrition. That's guts.

    You can view this amazing speedrun below:


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