Destiny: Rise of Iron Will Have Private Matchmaking for PvP

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    [​IMG] recently spoke to Destiny: Rise of Iron producer Scott Taylor, who shared some upcoming details for the new expansion. Rise of Iron is less than two weeks away, and anticipation is building for what will happen in the game's new DLC.

    It looks like one new mechanic that Bungie is adding to Destiny is private matchmaking for PvP. Speaking on the process of how and why Bungie decided to bring that in, Taylor stated: "We started with [Iron Banner and face of Rise of Iron] Saladin and the Iron Lord's lore and bring it to PVE. Then we thought, well this would be a good time to develop private matches and put them in there too. It's a pretty organic process of - 'we have this idea' which leads to 'bring Gjallarhorn in!' and 'private matches.'" However, per Taylor, there will still not be any Raid matchmaking for Rise of Iron. So fans will still have to organize Raid parties to make that happen.

    On the return of the Gjallarhorn for Rise of Iron, Taylor discussed creating a quest for the weapon and its return. He added: "Sure - so first of all, we know Gjallarhorn is a really important weapon for people. We wanted to have a quest which would honour its place in people's hearts and honour the fact you're getting it. But, when you do have it, we also wanted to make sure it doesn't become a prerequisite for Wrath of the Machine [the new raid]. That's not what the sandbox team wants - they want people who may prefer heavy machine guns to also contribute."

    He continued: "So it's on us to make the Gjallarhorn which is right for Rise of Iron. Part of that is balancing - making it still the fun weapon you know, with the Wolfpack rounds, but appreciating it can't be so overpowered to the detriment of everything else. We pitched Gjallarhorn coming back with Saladin [as a Golden Age relic] and though we weren't actively looking for an oppurtunity to bring it back, we found one."

    Destiny: Rise of Iron arrives on September 20 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will not be available for PS3 or Xbox 360.
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