Destiny: Private Matches Launch Ahead of Rise of Iron

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    After recently revealing and confirming the feature, Private Matchmaking has officially arrived for Destiny this week. Activision and Bungie confirmed today that gamers for Destiny will now have access to Private Matches for the game. Additionally, this new feature is available to all players on the current-gen consoles of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ahead of Tuesday's launch of Rise of Iron.

    Players who are already logged on should log off and then log back on in order to get access to the new feature. The feature was announced during the first-ever Destiny Private Match competition that was hosted by Major League Gaming to promote the upcoming launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron.

    Private Matches enable gamers for Destiny the keys to the Crucible with the ability to challenge friends and enemies in 18 competitive modes for nearly 30 gameplay maps.

    Private Matches are available now on Destiny for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Destiny: Rise of Iron arrives on September 20 for the game platforms. It will not be available for PlayStation 3 or Xbox One. In addition, Destiny - The Collection also arrives on the same date. The Collection features the base game, The Dark Below, House of Wolves, The Taken King, and Rise of Iron all for the single price of $59.99.

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