DayZ Team Recovering From Sickness

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    Why hasn't DayZ been getting updates recently? What has the team been working on?

    It's been a rough little bit for the team behind DayZ, as right after Gamescom 2017 half the developers were hit with a massive sickness, basically crippling all their progress for the title. But, many have recovered, and as such, they're working hard to make up for lost time, and updating you on what's going on.

    The team promises that big things are coming for DayZ, not just in how the game looks, but how it plays. Some things you can expect are a new renderer for the game, new animations that'll be more crisp and fun to see happen.

    But also, they're working on getting the game to the level that you the player expect from them. They're continuously listening to feedback whether it comes from Steam Early Access, or to those they meet at conventions like Gamescom. Issues such as the camera are being worked hard on so that it will stop bothering players. And combat is also being worked on as well.

    If you play DayZ, you should check out their recent update to see EVERYTHING that is going on with the team.

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