Could PUBG Fail Like H1Z1?

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    Is H1Z1 going to survive in 2019? Will other Battle Royale titles go down with it?

    H1Z1 is in dire straits in many ways. Not the least of which is because Daybreak Games is not in the best of health, and the pro league for H1Z1 has been shut down. And now, PUBG is suffering some issues because one of their major backers passed out, and noted that the fall of H1Z1 was why:

    "With the state of PUBG, and the way that it's not moving fast enough, I feel the same way about PUBG as I almost feel about [H1Z1]", Optic Gaming said,

    "I feel bad for everyone in the H1Z1 League, because of the lack of responsibility that the adults didn't perform. You cannot force something to become something, unfortunately, and PUBG is going down the same route a little bit."

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