Auto Royale didn't deserve to die.

Discussion in 'H1Z1 General Discussion' started by TelsaVision, Jul 23, 2018.

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    Jul 23, 2018
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    daybreak and all the players who abandoned get into this gamemode should be charged for murder.

    H1Z1 has 0 legs left, it has nothing to make itself stand out over PUGB / Fornite. there may be small differences in the engine a minority of players may prefer, but it is overall a typical battle royale with a super small playerbase.

    Auto Royale was legitimately the best multiplayer experience I've had in years and it was abandoned so quickly. This is such a good spin on the Battle Royale play you could've actually just made it a stand alone or completely shifted your priority to it from the regular BR mode and there could've been a chance H1Z1 Blew up again. even if you want to argue that chance was low, it's still greater than 0, h1 will never see fame again on the back of it's regular BR, it COULD on the back of auto royale.

    You don't even need to do much to make it launch ready just add role preferences for queuing (driving / shooter, add weapon preferences for shooter). Do a solo mode with weird little ATVs duo with golf carts with all i care. Think about how profitable loot boxes are, can you fucking imagine GTA Style car customization with parts and spray patterns hidden behind loot crates?

    i know i cant inspire change or demand with this forum post i just wanna appeal to my monkey brain by seeing 1 or 2 people agree with me on what a shame this is. this is the only time i've ever just not been allowed to play a video game i wanted to. after the first week not 1 lobby would fill (and they need to be full for this mode to shine) and now it's just unplayable period.

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