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Discussion in 'H1Z1 General Discussion' started by KurtH6355, Aug 7, 2018.

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    A lot of the time when my boy goes down, trying to get him up is a hassle. Ten seconds is a long time when there's a squad on a hill taking potshots at you with M40s, or a guy is barreling toward you with a police car and a Hellfire/Shotgun

    While it is much easier in Fives, because you can coordinate one teammate to revive the downed player and the rest to provide covering fire, you still only have pretty much three options if you're either an understaffed squad, or playing duos.

    1) Eliminate the opposition before revive
    2) Crawl into cover and hope you don't get flanked
    3) Let the poor fella die

    Because of this, a few of my buddies thought up the idea of a sort of insta-revive. Some kind of needle, or medspray or whatever the devs would want. It would be rare, possibly spawning in airdrops (whether green, purple or gold I'm not sure), and would be a consumable so it could only be used once.

    I feel like this would alleviate the fact that ten seconds feels like a lifetime when you're trying to get your buddy up; instead of shortening that time, we could produce this alternative. Imagine the gamechanger it would be!

    If an insta-revive would be too much, then maybe a revive shortener. Halve the time it takes, or even quarter it. Whatever the devs would think is best

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