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    So you want to trade with other players, It's a dangerous world.

    Things to remember -

    1. Players may just try to kill you and take what you have
    2. Trading is 100% player liable, meaning that nobody will help you if you are screwed over.
    3. You don't have to trade if you aren't comfortable with the terms.
    4. Be careful trading cross server, someone has to trust the other to deliver afterwards.

    General conduct -

    Post in your thread what server you are trading from (as well as where you're receiving items if cross server)

    Post what you are wanting, and what you are giving

    Use private chats to give the location of the trade

    Be polite, and remember who was a good trade partner, you may be able to trade with them again.

    Tips -

    Pick your own location to trade.

    Build a shack with a door on it and use proximity to trade small amounts at a time. this will allow you to hide behind a shield that takes long enough to dismantle that you can log off if your trade partner is hostile.

    Take a character that you can afford to leave logged off for at least a few hours to deter being camped after a trade to recover their goods.

    Never trade at/near your base.

    It's okay to back out of a trade if you're uncomfortable, just remember to contact your partner and give them the courtesy of telling them you've changed your mind.

    Avoid trading cross-server with anyone you don't trust (there's no way to guarantee they'll give you your stuff after you give them yours.)

    I highly recommend using an external voice program to communicate with your trade partner the entire time so you can inform each other if you die on the way. (also if you use skype or curse voice, it will be difficult for them to talk to another group to ambush you because of the always open mic.)

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