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Default Update Notes 3/19

Patch Notes for 3/19

  • Vehicles now can start/stop the motor by pressing K.
  • Characters now animate with look orientation and emote support while in vehicles. Visible from outside, 3rd person and 1st person views.
  • Removing required parts from a vehicle load-out will stop the motor if it was running.
  • Your camera state (third or first person) should now be preserved across entering and exiting a vehicle.
Crafting and Building
  • Placement will now check the material underneath it to ensure it's a valid location. Example: foundation's canít be placed on cement.
  • You can now move while placing items. Not during jumping, crouching, or prone though.
  • Objects being placed have no collision while being placed. Once placed, they will then have collision again.
  • Objects now turn a transparent red when they canít be placed and a transparent green when they can be placed. To aid the color blind and color deficient, the object will also scale up and down to indicate it cannot be placed.
  • Objects will require all four corners of its bounding box to be touching something in order to be placed. This is true for free placed items and for foundations. Socketted objects, however, will not check against this restriction.
  • The placement object will follow the center of your screen Ė not your mouse.
Other Additions
  • Added a Recurve Bow with better range, fire rate, and arrow speed. It replaces the current bow in Battle Royale. This new bow can be found in the core game around the world and cannot be crafted.
  • Weapons will now appear on the player model.
  • Adjustments made to zombies versus wildlife population ratios in favor of more zombie spawns.
  • Leaf FX and sound when you harvest blackberries
  • Dot reticle has returned to 3P and does not change per weapon yet.
  • 1P reticle will change per weapon.
  • Dot will be used for melee weapons and gun Iron sights.
  • Basic crosshair will be used for AR15 hip fire and 1911 hip fire.
  • Shotgun will use a circle for hipfire and iron sights.
  • 1911 delay bug fixed, it will now be ready to fire or reload immediately after switching.



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