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Old 06-02-2015, 04:46 AM
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Default New Arena Mode

Battle Royale has been fairly successful, but wastes a lot the game has to offer. Something that came to mind while watching a friends stream, is the option for team versus team capture the flag. Rules are simple, teams cue together and are placed versus a similar sized team. Each team has 2 minutes to build their base, and cannot leave a fixed perimeter, possible lock vision as well. Using team-limited gas clouds could certainly work here. The resources available can be tweaked based on the skill of each team if necessary, or limited to prevent overly complicated bases. At the 2 minute mark, the gas fogs clear and you rush to the opponents base to secure their flag, and bring it home.

As an added effect, limit building blocks to walls and doorways (but no doors) to ensure some level of strategy, rather than never-ending raid attempts. Might need to make some method of pathing checking to prevent full-wall bases where you can just turtle camp.

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