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Wink Longtime fellow friend of Wiz, I took the Plunge

@Hey all,
Cokewhore (Cokey)
I have been PC Gaming since 2009. I have over 1K hours on H1z1 I feel like I should've invested in its stock when it first started. I'm mostly a builder, not so much a fighter, I have a sarcastic personality on TS, Discord & Mumble. I was once in Wiz back in 2009 for a short time then I started working on my Masters Degree and put gaming aside for a year.

I play with a guy named Jeff that some of you know (Alastor Map) Whenever we've needed your help for Raids or Bully's you've always been there for us. I want to be apart of the Kings of the Maps rather than the Magic Bullet freaks or those that end up being the victim.

I love H1z1 and I never thought that I would. I've been known to build cities of bases and collect hordes of supplies while making it a place for those that love to pillage a way to do so.

Look forward to great laughs and tons of humorous times. Peace,

Coke(y) aka CokeWhore;
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I remember despawning wiz'z base and they left the server, they also use to be really big hackers back in the day when kalystas lead them. Glad to see them change atleast.
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