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Default Titanfall 2: Developers Share Details on Beta 2

Respawn Entertainment shared a official blog post today, reflecting on the recent open beta demo for Titanfall 2. The demo was the first of two planned open beta gameplay demos for the game. Respawn also shared details on what can be expected for the next demo in the pre-release testing period. The new beta session will debut later this weekend.

Speaking on issues that cropped up with the beta, lead engineer Jon Shiring stated:

"We are doing these two weekends of the Tech Test because we knew we would hit problems that we'd never seen before. While a massive number of people were hard at work getting wins this weekend, we were busy finding and fixing at least a dozen separate issues. Those are all problems that we won't have to find and fix at launch. Many issues that we identified and fixed were things that users never noticed, which was one of our goals."
On the topic of server issues:

"For Titanfall 2, we are running on a new server infrastructure with a company called Multiplay, who is responsible for running our fleet of dedicated servers to host games. And we run a LOT of servers - many thousands of servers all over the world. We also run them dynamically, so we boot them up before people need them, and shut them down when they aren't needed anymore. We learned a lot this weekend about how fast players will join matches, and we’re using that knowledge to verify that we can spin up servers really quickly so players aren't left waiting."
On top of that, weekend two of the beta test runs on August 26-28. Shiring says the next goal for the latest Tech Test is to spike the number of players who are experiencing the game online at the same time. Respawn also wants to an event this weekend that will get everyone online at once. More details on this event and what it will be will be revealed later on the Titanfall social media channels.

Titanfall 2 launches on October 28. The game will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The next Tech Test starts on Friday morning at 9am PDT / 4PM GMT.

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