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Old 08-20-2016, 07:55 PM
Dilzl0 Dilzl0 is online now
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Default [Just Survive] Recruiting Asia side members.

Dilzl0 here, recently started H1Z1 Just Survive with a group of total 4 including myself on Adelaide server.

I'm currently looking for maybe a few more players to join our group & rampage the server with us (PVP server).

We chat through our own Discord channel so feel free to PM me or let me know if you're interested We currently have a proper base setup at Pleasant Valley north area, with foundation & gates e.t.c.

-At least a little knowledge on English.
-Active? Just a couple hours a day will do.
-You don't have too be an expert in killing, just being able to survive will do.

We pretty much KOS anyone we see & we'll distribute loots equally depending on who participated in the kill loots. Most importantly we play to have fun so we don't blame if we ever get shit on by another group.
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