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Default Overwatch: Developer Update Details Season 2

Blizzard Entertainment revealed a new developer update video today that shared some new details and changes that will be coming to Overwatch for its upcoming "Season 2 of Competitive Play" that's set for next month. You can check out the new update video at the above link.

According to Blizzard, the new changes will be available for testing soon on the PTR. The new season will focus on a tiered system that will offer players rewards based on the highest tier they've earned in an event rather than their final standing or Skill Rating. Speaking on this topic, Kaplan stated the following:

“The cool part of the tiers that we’re going to do is at certain tiers we’re not going to let you drop out of that tier. Except for the two highest tiers – which are Master and Grand Master – all of the other tiers, once you achieve that tier for the season, you will remain in that tier for the season even if your skill rating drops below what you initially had to do to enter that tier.”
Additionally, Season 2 rewards will be given out based on the highest tier that a player is able to achieve. Kaplan continued, “You should feel pretty good even though your playing may be in the Silver skill rating for the last week of the season, but if you ever got into Gold, you will get the reward for Gold."

Also, the new Skill Rating system will rate players in a range of 1 and 5,000 instead of 1 and 100.

Overwatch is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. More details on Season of Competitive Play will be revealed later.
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