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Default Easiest BR Win I've had so far

I started my BR by spawning up northeast by Dragon Lake
After traveling towards the Villas Development, I stumbled upon a truck.
After clearing the trailer and both houses, I found myself with an AR, helmet and few medkits.
By the time I was done looting, the gas had already started to move in
Just my luck! It was surrounding most of Spence Hill and some other areas around the Mountain.
I ended up on top of the Mountain and as the game progressed to the last 5 people (Me included), I had only one kill and seen at most 3 people.
Down to the last two, I waited nervously on the NW part of the mountain waiting for a grenade or perhaps a flank.
In a moments notice, I read that the guy had choked on gas.
Classic H1. If you don't do anything, you can still win.

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    wow man, I wish I was that lucky! You get a key from winning?
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