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Old 02-21-2016, 01:46 PM
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Default Never try to get your revenge

So, I was killed (not important to the story) and just spawned on the top border of the map, so I tried to make my way to my small shack near Ranchito Taquito.

On my way there, I noticed how there was a player behind me. Now, I never kill on sight, so i raised my hands and told him I was friendly. As he was getting closer, I noticed that he just spawned as well and after we talked for a bit, we made a group and went to my shack together. As we arrived, he told me, that he wanted to make a framed backpack, but he didn't know how to craft it.
I told him, that we have to get resources first, so we made our way in the town.

As I am a very careful person, I told him, that we should first scout out the town from a nearby hill. Sure enough, we saw a well armed player, with an orange backpack walking arround, but we went down anyway.
As we were talking and looting, I heard a few gunshots and my new best friend was dead .
So, was like and went to my shack to get my M1911A1 to kill this mother trucker.
Stocked up with Wooden Body Armor, a motorcyle helmet and full ammo hunted him down.

After a while I made my way to the supermarket. As I was getting some food, I saw a player, with an ORANGE BACKPACK and without hesitation it shot.
Turns out, I am not a good shot and missed the player completely, but then I heard her say "Please, don't shoot" "I don't have anything" and put her hands up.
Realizing what had become of me, just another kill-on-sight player, I raised my hands as a sign of apogly.
Luckily, she accepted my gesture and went away.

Unluckily for me, after a minute I noticed 4 players on the other side of the supermarket, including the girl I just shot at.
So, trying to make my escape, I jumped into the restaurant area of the supermarked, which, as you might know, is a dead end.
It didn't take long for 4 people, one armed with a shotgun, one with a pistol, one with a bow and the unarmed one, i tried to kill, to stand on the other side of the counter, aiming at me.

They did not shoot me, because I still had my hands raised, so the pistol guy jumped over the counter, to maybe handcuff me, but then he went back to his friends.
It was really quiet for a long time, so I thought they would spare me, when the guy with the bow started firing at me.
Because of my helmet, I survived the shot, but I was bleeding and pissed off.

The rest of the group probably didn't know what happened, because they did not react, but I lowered my hands and startet firing.

It took three shots to kill the bow guy, followed by me, getting the firing squad treatment by his crew.


Guy killed my friend, I went on revenge, attacked an innocent player, her group hunted me down and got killed in a hollywood style way.

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Old 09-22-2016, 08:08 PM
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sorry to have to say this but ladies in this game make for perfect bait traps and should be shot on sight. never do i want to hear a ladies voice say "dont shoot im friendly" and i not do anything. you know there is ALWAYS someone nearby to back them. take them out, make them rage and the reinforments can come die like her.
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clans and groups, friendly, ranchito taquito, revenge

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