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  1. JoKeeRxHD
  2. nickisspiderman
    add me on steam to team up and play : nickisspiderman
  3. Dolan2G
    Dolan2G DeadDude
  4. Dolan2G
  5. Re-Patch
  6. Buddy1927
    Buddy1927 TeX
    Hi TeX I am new to the forum. I have a YouTube Channel and would like to become a YouTube Partner with this forum Here is one of the H1Z1 videos I did if you could tell me how to become a partner.
  7. Fearthebuns
  8. johnnykrull
    johnnykrull TeX
    yo, what is the deal about youtube partner here on this site/forum? thanks
  9. RäwG
    RäwG yoomama
    Hey man you there ?
  10. Fuzion
    Fuzion cjrslashing
  11. GH0STtv99
  12. boboboesje
    Playing H1Z1 with my 2 real life friends.

    Wij zijn opzoek naar een nederlandse clan, add me op steam: Bobo
  13. Foorest
  14. cjrslashing
  15. cjrslashing
  16. LoneSurvivorS3SS
    LoneSurvivorS3SS cjrslashing
    Hey i heard you are looing for Kotk players. wont let me send a message tho
  17. cjrslashing
    Looking for H1Z1 KOTK Players. Message me for rules and regulations.
  18. StijnNafteux
    Searching For a clan or team to play kink of the kill with
  19. ShakyBay
  20. FanDelorda
    FanDelorda harleyquinn
    Hello can you activate my post ? thanks !
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